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An Ambleside School

What if we were ok with who our children are right now—with their strengths and weaknesses—as people with unimaginable potential?
What if a school recognized that it is impossible to define a child or predict his/her success by any test, measurement, or label?
What if it was possible for teachers and parents to partner in doing whatever necessary for the sake of the child, not simply what is the easiest?
Move beyond what if and consider what already is.
Rocky Mountain Christian Academy is a community that encourages:
A love of learning,
the formation of transformative habits,
and enriching relationships with studies, people, and God


RMCA serves students in preschool through 8th grade. Our mission is to equip and inspire our students and families to a lifelong passion for truth, goodness, and beauty. Through our application of Christian educational philosophy and principles, we offer families in the greater Denver area a community for them to mature and grow together.

RMCA is a member of Ambleside Schools International (ASI), the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and is accredited through Accreditation International (AI).

RMCA’s association with Ambleside Schools International provides a comprehensive and distinctly Christian approach that engages each child via a whole-person education. ASI recognizes the importance of virtue and habit development alongside academic growth fueled by living ideas. In addition, ASI equips teachers to learn and teach together within a unified learning community. Along with ASI, RMCA also provides many opportunities for parents and families to grow in their enjoyment of lifelong learning.  

The founding of ASI was the result of two decades of revived interest in the thought and work of early 20th century British educator Charlotte Mason.

Since joining ASI in 2014, RMCA has deepened its understanding and application of the  transformative principles and practices of Charlotte Mason as successive grades have transitioned to ASI classrooms. As RMCA continues toward offering Ambleside-oriented instruction across our campus, our goal will be to offer opportunities for each student to grow their whole person through exposure to timeless texts, engaging wise authors and teachers, and first-hand knowledge of the arts and sciences.   


“A child is born a person in whom all possibilities are present.”