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Welcome to RMCA

Transforming Families for a Lifetime

Welcome! We are glad you are taking the opportunity to learn about our wonderful school. At RMCA, we inspire our students to reach high academic goals while developing the virtue necessary to lead good, rich, and productive lives. If you would like more information about our school, please fill out this form.

Our students are supported by caring, capable teachers in a small classroom environment. Our teachers utilize the Ambleside educational approach to help students to succeed academically and thrive spiritually – and the results speak for themselves. Our students love to learn and with the confidence and character built through their RMCA experience, they go on to excel in everything they do in high school, and beyond.

RMCA is a preeminently faith-based school and we place Christ at the center of all we do. We help to establish the critical link between learning and faith and by promoting excellence of habit, virtue of character, and development of the mind; our Christ-centered education prepares students to actively serve Christ with all of their strength.

RMCA families experience a vibrant, supportive community, where they have the opportunity to truly engage in their children’s learning and to walk alongside their children as they grow and flourish. The result is a cohesive Christian educational community that works together to transform families for a lifetime.

“We might understand character-training as a task that belongs to parents, or churches, but we [today] tend to separate that kind of teaching from the teaching of school subjects such as math or grammar. The classical educators did not make such a distinction. All areas of education were brought into service for this single goal — to teach children to think and act rightly.”
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