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Practicing the Presence of God

The Principal's Blog
October 20, 2019

RARE Leadership: 4 Uncommon Habits for Increasing Trust, Joy, and Engagement in the People You Lead by Jim Wilder and Marcus Warner

RARE Leadership is a must read for every adult in our community. We still have several copies in the front office to purchase for $10. Start reading along with other parents and staff. And with co-author Dr. Jim Wilder coming to speak to our community on the evening of the upcoming RMCA Round Up, this is a particularly enriching way to prepare one's heart and mind for the next steps of growing with one's children and our community.

Here's an extended quote from ch. 6, "Where You Start: Imitation, Identity, and Intimacy," p. 113-114: 

"We intuitively understand that mature believers should be better practiced in the art of intimacy with God and recognizing His still small voice within than those who are just beginning their journey. As leaders it is crucial that we develop our 'spiritual receptivity' by learning to practice the presence of God.

So is there anything we have learned from brain science that might be able to help us with our spiritual disciplines? Of course! God designed us for relationship with Him. It would make no sense if our brains were not crafted by the Almighty to facilitate the experience of His presence.

In general, listening is a difficult art for leaders to master. We like to be on the move and get things done. One of the reasons we struggle with listening is that it requires strong right-brain, fast-track skills. If I only listen with my slow-track left brain, I merely process information. Most of us are pretty good at this...the fast-track tasks of reading people's emotions and synchronizing with them are non-verbal skills and vital to the listening process.

In a similar way, listening to God is not primarily about listening for words. It is about sensing His voice with the fast-track part of our brain.

Purchase/borrow a book from the front office, online, or from a local bookstore to learn more today!