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Providing Our Children with Continual Access to Christ

The Principal's Blog
January 19, 2020

RMCA's mission statement is as follows:

Rocky Mountain Christian Academy

is a classically-inspired school community where education is

an Atmosphere, a Discipline, and a Life. 

We are dedicated to inspiring students

to a lifelong passionate pursuit

of truth, goodness, and beauty,

and equipping them to impact their world for Christ.

The perennial question is how can we live this out with all of our families?

What does God say? "Let the little children come to me." It is very clear throughout the Scriptures and the history of God's people how important children are to him.And while parents have the foremost opportunity and responsibility, we also need help! That is where a school like RMCA is so vital to the growth of the Kingdom of God and families.

All children need to have access to Christ on a consistent basis, not just for an hour or two on Sunday. How can 16,000 hours in school preschool-12th grade contribute toward that relationship? That is the question that we strive to answer each day in our community.

We invite you to keep answering that question with us.

Check out this link to the resource read and discussed during our recent Parenting Encouragement and Formation event. It's only five pages long but rich with relevance for each family.

"The Kingdom of Mansoul"

What exactly is a person?

How do we go about understanding ourselves?

What has God said about me?

How can I help others understand their true identity?

These critical questions are all tackled in this classic excerpt from Charlotte Mason's text, Ourselves.In these opening chapters, she identifies a deeper way of understanding who we are and a bit about what is going on in our mind, heart, and spirit throughout our lives.

Connecting to the truths of Scripture, Miss Mason depicts through brief, but beautiful, text how the allegory of a country or kingdom captures the essential truths about who we are, created in the image of God to do good work and to grow in relationship with Him.


Mr. Byrd