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Rare Leadership: This is Who We Are

The Principal's Blog
September 13, 2019

RMCA families -- we invite you to join some of our community and staff members in reading the book, RARE Leadership: 4 Uncommon Habits for Increasing Trust, Joy, and Engagement in the People You Lead.

This is a must-read for every adult in our community...and we still have some copies in the front office to purchase for $10. Here are a few select wise quotes from the text:

"...We are going to suffer. Our Master suffered. How do we learn to stay relational and continue to act like ourselves, like the person God made us to be, during suffering? If we don't learn how to do this we will avoid suffering or spread our suffering to our team. In some ways this might include being 'the bigger person...' The RARE leader says, 'If anyone is going to suffer, can it be me? I'm good at it. I know how to do it. I can model it to the team. And this RARE leader can walk with team member [e.g. children, students, colleagues, teachers] in their suffering.' (16)

"...If the Kingdom is all about people, then learning how to stay in relationships, through thick and thin, has got to be something where we excel and that we teach well. The call to leadership of us, then, would seem to be a call to walk with a group of people, as we strive to make our relationship with God visible in the context of the challenges that each day brings our way." (25)

"Lasting transformation takes place when a person's identity changes and that person becomes comfortable in living out their new identity. The best coaches, teachers, managers, and leaders are the ones who instill a clear sense of identity into their group and help people understand, 'This is who we are and this is how it is like us to act.'" (46)

Get your copy today from the office (or elsewhere); you won't regret it!