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Some Things to Know About RMCA

The Principal's Blog
March 13, 2021

Good afternoon, RMCA community,

Whether you are a new family or veteran to RMCA, perhaps you've wondered about that bird silhouette in our logo or wondered why we talk about 'skylarks.' Maybe you've heard from your student about our Five Pillars or School Motto. Maybe you've heard him or her humming a particularly beautiful tune.

In a 'normal' year, we spend time at the beginning of each school day in assemblies and chapels to remind ourselves of who we are and what we are about through these elements of our school identity. This year, we've done that in homeroom classes. However, the essence of the opportunities that come from being at RMCA are no different.

For your benefit, as a 'refresher' or for the first time, here are some things to know about RMCA:

In 2017, RMCA went through a rebranding effort to better represent the mission, goals, and opportunities of our school community. Stakeholders at all levels contributed to the conversation. This complemented the history of our school as well as pointed toward the opportunities for whole-person, growth-oriented, and Christ-centered education.

Our RMCA logo was created out of this conversation. It contains several important images that represent our mission.

The bird silhouette is that of the Skylark in flight. The skylark is a songbird native to Europe and Asia. It is a small brownish bird that nests in open fields. It more than makes up for its lack of physical beauty with its glorious singing for which it has been famous for centuries. In addition, it is one of the few birds on the planet that actually sings while in flight--most birds only sing when perching. In fact, it even continues in its joyful song even when in distress, such as luring a predator away from its nest.

For its ability to spread joy regardless of its circumstances, Charlotte Mason's schools in the early 20th century chose it as a symbol. We, too, believe that it is a powerful symbol and an excellent reminder to each adult and child that our truest joy is found through joyful, selfless relationships with people, studies, ideas, creation, and God.

Our RMCA logo also features a shield, parallel flowing lines, and two shades of blue.

·    The shield represents strength and defense, particularly that of God's protection. As our identity rests in Him, we rest, stand, and protect as "soldiers of the King."

·    The flowing lines represent growth and movement toward a goal, as portrayed by fire and water. As a school that is always looking to help individuals grow, it is a reminder that we all have good work to do that will require movement.

·    The shades of blue remind us of the sky and ocean, long-term symbols of eternity. Our learning at a school like RMCA, like our life in our families and churches, is only the beginning. We have good work to do today that counts forever. And in every relationship that we have, every friendship that we make, we are becoming the men and women that God has created us to be.

Our School Motto is an expanded version of what Charlotte Mason's schools a century ago used to represent the good work of becoming and doing that each child and adult had with each other.

I am a child of God,

I ought to do His will;

I can do what He tells me,

And by His grace, I will.

Our Five Pillars of Character were developed over a decade ago as a way of summarizing the kind of virtues that characterize a growing student, friend, and disciple.

Be Ready

Be Respectful

Be Considerate

Be Honorable

Be Grateful

Our School Song is "Ode to a Skylark." Written by a parent from our sister school in Texas and based on the words of Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem, "To a Skylark," it brings to mind the glories of living in a world with joy and love as our primary motivators. Here's the chorus:

Higher still, and higher,

From the earth thou springest,

Like a cloud of fire

The blue deep thou wingest

And singing still doth soar, and soaring ever singest!

By God's grace, we look forward to sharing these truths joyfully with our community for the remainder of this spring and next year!

Peace of Christ,


Mr. Byrd