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The Virtue of Remembering

One of the virtues that all of us have the opportunity to grow in is that of remembering. For millennia, people around the world have thought of memory as core to their identity. The ancient Greeks made one of their nine muses Mnemosyne,the protector and cultivator of memory, alongside that of music, poetry,history, and the other arts of being human. The greatest epics of our past--TheIliad, The Odyssey, Beowulf--were all originally completely memorized and enjoyed while passing from generation to generation.

Even more central to our story, God's people since at least Abraham have put a premium on remembering the words of the Living God. The Old and New Testaments display not only the critical nature of the practice of memory but the dangers that come from forgetfulness. God engages His people in the Scriptures through their memories of His love and mercy even in the midst of their ingratitude and rebellion. Remembering is understood by God's people both as an act of worship as well as the cornerstone of one's identity,ensuring that the next generation doesn't forget the compiled experiences and engagement with God that the previous ones have had.

This doesn't change with the practice of Christians between now and Pentecost. We continue to be a people whose memory informs our understanding of the purpose of our lives. Remembering reminds us of what the truly 'good life' is and how a person realizes the sum choices of actions, character, and relationships.

In the midst of our informational revolution, it is arguable that memory is more important now that ever. Remembering who we are and what we are to be about will not depend on access to billions of gigabytes. Instead, it will rely on developing the capacity and discipline of coming back over and over again to the relationships and truths that reflect the reality of who we truly are, as images of God, persons loved by Him, worthy of respect and the opportunity to grow into a mature and flourishing adult.

If you are like me, you have felt a bit isolated and uncertain in recent times due to the many new pressures that we have faced thus far in 2020. If you are like me, you need reminding of what our shared and unchanging purpose is as Christian parents and teachers--educators alike--in a time when many things seem to have changed. If you are like me, you need friends and wise counselors--some who are with us, some who have gone before us--who will share out of their abiding experience with God and the reality that they faced in their own time.

I offer three such resources for us to consider together in this pilgrimage of remembering this summer.

First, watch our newest educational video, "Why RMCA?" Produced in conjunction with our Ambleside sister schools, this two-minute video is led by a parent who reminds us of the questions and answers that are the most compelling about being a long-term part of an educational community like RMCA. If any of the following questions have been on your mind--  

·    What really matters related to our children?What doesn't change (even during COVID)?

·    What does it mean and look like to offer a feast of ideas to a child?

·    How can my child grow from weakness to strength?

·    How can my child grow in his or her approach to work and relationships, seeking to do good work with good people for a good reason?  

--then I encourage you to watch this inspiring video today. To watch the two-minute video, click here.

Second, read or listen to the ten-minute podcast posted by Ambleside Schools International entitled "On Beauty." This brief piece has in mind what is going on in the streets and homes of our nation right now within the context of God's vision of eternity and the experience of previous generations on the virtue of beauty. It is a glorious reminder of what is at stake with our children and how much we need schools like RMCA now and in the future in order to continue to live a life truly saturated by the beauty and love of God.  

To view the blog post,click here.

To listen to the podcast, click here.  

Finally, I encourage you to get your own copy (or two!) of our community read for next year, For the Children's Sake. Available on any online book store for $5-15,it is a must-read for any adult member of our community.

Be blessed,

Mr. Byrd